Join us for the Tour of a life time to South Korea

the  home of Taekwon-Do.

We will be traveling all over South Korea visiting many historical and relevant locations honoring the history of Taekwon-Do. Due to the tour organisers “ITF HQ Korea” we get to go to places that we would otherwise not be able to get to we will be traveling with Master’s whom have a great knowledge of the art and locations and we will practice and perform our patterns at historical locations that are linked to the history’s of these patterns.

Who can go? anyone you do not have to be a practicing Taekwon-Do student there is so much to see and do come along and join our tour starting 28th May 2018.

The cost for the trip will be in the region of $5000 NZD including flights and will include all meals accommodation and travel for the duration of the Tul Tour extra days will be at your expense.



Keep an eye here for updates.

We had a great time this year in South Korea pictures to be posted soon


14 September 2017

Deposit has been paid

30th August 2017

Deposit are now due awaiting payment details from Korea

24th August 2017

All bar one of the flight’s are now booked with some arriving on the Saturday (26th) in Korea and the remainder arriving on the Sunday (27th) all ready for the start of the Tul Tour on the Monday (28th) and now only 9 Months to go.

6 July 2017

Flights are being booked now 🙂

22nd June 2017

Flights will soon be available for our tour the sooner we book the better the cost (usually) so when they come through you will have to decide quickly and pay within a few days.

21st April

Meeting to finalise Tour arrangements

30th January 2017

We all need to start thinking about our travel arrangements as we can book from this April.

24th January 2017

I have been in contact with the Tul Tour organisers and planning will be underway soon

1st September 2016

We have 26 students from Botany Taekwon-Do registered for this trip now. Planning and saving are all going well–21 months to go.

16th June 2016

We now have 25 people including myself from our club who are wanting to come to Korea on our Tul Tour.

3rd June 2016

We now have 23 from our club going to korea

16th March 2016

Tour will start in Seoul South Korea on the 28th May 2018 and will last for 8 days

10th March 2016

Tour will start on the 28th May 2018. We now have 21 people signed up to go.  

3rd March 2016 

I have been in contact with Master Zibby in Korea and we have now narrowed the timing of the tour to sometime in May or June exact dates will follow later. He has said that they can accommodate our requests and that they have some exciting new site’s for the Tul Tour.

28th Febuary 2016

We are waiting to hear back from the organiser’s at ITF HQ to decide on the date’s we are looking at the first part of 2018 hopefully between March and June.

So far there are 18 members of Botany Taekwon-do signed up to go.

A number of us had a very enjoyable trip to Korea on the ITF Tul Tour in September and October 2015.

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