One-off Joining Fee

The joining fee includes:

  • Membership to Botany Taekwon-Do
  • Your first uniform (do-bok)
  • First months training

Individual                  $100.

Family                        $150.

A family is two or more people from the same immediate family living in the same household.

Monthly Club Fees

Fees are paid by automatic payment only and due on the first of the month all year.

Individual                   $50.

Family                          $80.

Automatic payments continue throughout the Christmas break; this helps to keep the monthly fees lower.


Additional costs:

Grading Fees

Note: Monthly fees must be up-to-date in order to grade.

There is no charge for the junior grading system for first green, blue, red or black stripes.


Individual                            $55.

2 person families               $90.

3+ person families             $115.

Certificate and Belt or stripe:  Included

Degree grading

Testing for 1st Degree             $350NZD. Includes belt, uniform and certificate.

Testing for 2nd Degree           $350NZD. Includes certificate.

Testing for 3rd Degree            $350NZD. Includes certificate.

(An additional $150NZD if grading under an international master)

Testing for 4th Degree            $400USD plus $150NZD = approx. $750NZD total (if grading in New Zealand)

Testing for 5th Degree            $500USD plus $150NZD = approx. $850NZD total (if grading in New Zealand)


Additional Do-Bok Uniforms

Gup                                    $85.00 (uniform including white belt)

Degree (1st to 3rd)          $100 (no belt)


The club account is to be used for any payments:
Please include the name of the club member and what the payment is for e.g. fees, uniform, camp, grading e.t.c.