Degree Grading Application Forms

Answer all relevant questions. This e form is for Botany Taekwon-Do records. Payment must be made one 2 weeks prior to the grading. When this electronic form is complete then download the PDF application form at the bottom of the page and type the answers in upper case and e,mail to Mr Butchers this form goes to
GM Moore for your certificate and Worldwide Taekwon-Do records.

Testing for 1st to 5th NZ application degree
Measure your old belt for a guide. Included in grading fee is one standard belt——See below re KATAARO hand made belt option. There is an additional cost for a KATAARO belt.
One uniform is included in the grading fee for 1st and 4th degree only.
Account No. 38-9008-0077724-00
KATAARO belts are a high quality hand made belt and are made to order.

Degree Certificate application form for GM Moore

Please download this application form for Worldwide Taekwon-do fill it in and then email to All answers and information MUST be typed.

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