Botany Taekwon-Do

Welcome To Botany & Nunchi Taekwon-Do

We are a family orientated Taekwon-Do club were we work hard and have fun at the same time however –

Our original and true style of Taekwon-Do is not for everyone, it is a way of life that you commit to when you join. Not only do you learn the Korean Martial Art of self-defence as taught by our founder General Choi Hong Hi IX Degree but you vow to live by the Student Oath and Tenets, not just whilst in the Dojang, but every single day 24/7.
It is not a martial art where you just learn to fight and break boards and expect to Grade every time till you’re a black belt and then just quit.
If that’s what you want, then what we teach is not for you.

Where and When

Botany Downs Primary School

Mirrabooka Ave Howick

Monday and Thursday
6-7 juniors and 7 – 8 seniors
3 – 4.30 Black belts (fortnightly)
4.30 -6 all grades and ages.

Where and When

Cockle Bay School

Sandspit Road Cockle Bay

6.30 – 8.00 all grades and ages.

Additional sessions coming date TBA

Combined Gradings

We  holds grading’s three times a year for our Dragons , Gup and 1st to 2nd Degree with 3rd degree and above as required. Please see our yearly calendar for grading dates.
Dragons start
White belts to blue stripe start
Blue Belt to red belt start
Degree’s start

              Next DRAGONS grading will be on the 12th November

Our founder General Choi hong Hi

NEXT EVENT Training and Senior Grading Whangarei Saturday the 24th November

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